Cypress, TX Overhead Door Springs

garage door springs cypress txA Garage door spring is probably the most important part of the mechanism that gives you access to your garage, it basically holds the entire weight of the heavy garage door you have in protecting your garage. With the spring, you're able to raise and lower the garage door without feeling the weight of the door. Although the spring supports the weight of the garage door, it is always under the pressure of the weight especially while opening and closing the door. And after sometime, the spring can no longer hold the weight of the door, and reaches its breaking point.

When your garage door spring breaks, you'll be needing the hands of a professional to get it fixed, and what other trusted professional hands are there than we at Garage Repair Cypress. Whether you require replacements for your garage door springs or you need some adjustments for your overhead door springs, we are always ready to take care of your garage door needs. When your garage door spring becomes damaged, it becomes difficult to raise the door, and usually makes snapping sounds while opening. And when it is totally broken, opening your garage door becomes next to impossible, unless you're strong enough to lift a 400pound metal door on your own, and even if you're able to get the door up, you'll only be damaging your garage door openers.

Our experts can help you fix your garage door spring coils, and replacing damaged overhead door torsion springs and getting your garage door to open and close normally once again. Trying to fix a garage door spring on your own is very dangerous, because you do not have the required tools and training to safely handle it that is why it is important that you contact us.

Sometimes, your garage door spring may not be damaged, but in need of adjustments. This is usually the case when your garage door does not close at the same level, with the door tilting to one side or another. This happens when one of the torsion springs is exerting more force on the garage door than the other. We can always send someone to properly access the situation of the spring to know whether it needs adjustments or total replacements.

Garage door springs are of two types, the torsion springs which are wound up a rod above the door header. They are usually used for heavy doors, and are usually quite tricky to install. And the garage extension spring coils, these are installed along the horizontal track that is perpendicular to the garage door. Unlike the torsion springs, the extension spring coils are used for lighter doors.

Whatever type of spring door you use, know that you can always count on the capable professionals at Garage Repair Cypress to fix its issues, and make your garage door functioning once again.