Cypress, TX Overhead Door Openers

garage door openers cypress txLooking for a way to fix your garage door openers? Then you're in luck, because Garage Repair Cypress is your number one option when it comes to garage door services for both residential and commercial garage doors in Texas. We take care of all types of garage door openers. If you're having problems with your garage door opener, don't worry a professional will be there to take care of it.

We fix and install every type of garage door openers, garage door clickers, overhead door openers and also overhead door clickers. If you require a replacement for the garage door opener in your building, then call on us. We also provide troubleshooting and garage door maintenance services on any type of garage door.

Having a garage door opener in your home makes it easier to gain access into your garage, with just a touch of a button, without ever having to come out of your car like it used to be back then. There are basically three different types of garage door openers:

The chain drive opener: this is the most common type of door openers, it works just like the chain of a bicycle and it is very noisy. They usually come in the 1/2 HP and 3/4 HP models.

The belt drive opener: this makes use of a long rubber belt that raises and lowers the garage door. With the belt drive, you do not need any maintenance, and it is actually the quietest of the three, but it is also the most expensive, and the belt starts to wear and tear after a while.

The screw drive opener: with the screw drive opener, you have less noise and a quiet drive, thanks to its very few moving parts. They are quite easy to install, and require very little maintenance.

Recently, a fourth type of garage door opener called the jackshaft opener came into the market. This type of door opener is installed on the wall like the overhead door, so it does not require an overhead drive system. This type of opener is practically soundless.

When you wish to have a garage door opener installed, and you do not know which one to install, one of our technicians can aid you in your decision. We will sit with you, and give you a detailed explanation of all four types of garage door openers telling you all about their advantages and disadvantages, and after considering all factors, they will recommend a garage door opener that is suitable for your home.

When you're having issues with your garage door opener, it would be unwise to try to take care of it yourself, because you're inexperienced, and you could end up with injuries. Rather it would be much safer and less expensive to call on us, your trusted garage door professionals in your neighborhood.